Baby, I'm Worth It CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Gail A. Dawson (5/2015)
Worth It by Fifth Harmony

Intro 16 counts - No Tags, No Restarts

Toe Heel Struts with Hip Bumps, Full Turn, Rock, Recover, Step
1&2Touch R toe forward, bumping hip to R, Bump hips to L, Step R in place
3&4Touch L toe forward, bumping hip to L, Bump hips to R, Step L in place
5&6Turn ½ L, stepping R back, Turn ½ L, stepping L forward, Step R forward L
7&8Rock L forward, Recover onto R, Step L back (12:00)

Step Back, Out, Out, Center, Cross, Step, Sway, Hip Roll, Hip Roll
&1Step R back R, step L to L
&2Step R to back center, Cross L over R
3-4Step R to R, swaying hips to R, Sway hips to L
5-6Roll hips counter clockwise, bump L, taking weight on L
7-8Roll hips clockwise, bump R (weight on R) (12:00)

Touch, ¼ Turn Hitch, Step, Touches, Diagonal Triples
1&2Touch L to L, Turn ¼ L hitch, step L down (9:00)
3&4&Touch R to R, Touch R beside L, Touch R to R, Touch R beside L
5&6Step R diagonally forward R, Step L beside R, Step R forward (10:30)
7&8Step L diagonally forward L, Step R beside L, Step L forward (4:30)

Rock, Recover, 1 ½ Turn, Brush, Hitch, Turn ¼, Step, Touch, Touch, Brush
1-2Squaring up to wall, Rock R forward, Recover onto L (9:00)
3&4Turn ½ R, stepping R forward, Turn ½ R, stepping L back, Turn ½ R, stepping R forward R
(Option – Turn ½ R, Triple forward R,L,R)
5&6Brush L forward, Hitch L, turning ¼ R, Step L next to R
7&8Point R to R, Lower body as touch R next to L, Raising body, brush R