Trans Am CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Benjamin Balisky & Annemarie Dunn – June 2015
Trans Am by Thompson Square

START after 8 counts - 2 RESTARTS walls 3 & 5

S1: 2 Scuff-step-stomps, R back triple lockstep, Full L turn w/ 2 walks
1&2,3&4R heel scuff-R step-L stomp(weight off), L heel scuff-Lstep-R stomp(weight off)
5&6R step back-L step in front of R-R step back (R-L-R traveling backwards)
7-8½ L turn into fwd L step- ½ L turn into R back step (12:00)

S2: Switch-kick R, Ball-change-cross ¼ R turn, L step, Vine ¼ L turn, ½ L pivot turn-tap
1hop weight onto L while kicking R
2&3,4step on R ball-transfer weight to L- ¼ R turn crossing R over L (3:00) L side step
5&6(jog) R behind left- ¼ L turn into L fwd step-R fwd step (12:00)
7-8½ L pivot turn into L fwd step – R toe tap next to L (6:00)

S3: Side steps w/ claps, 4 hip sways
1-2 &, 3-4R side step-clap-L step next to R, R side step-clap
5-6-7-8sway hips L-R-L-R

S4: 2 Modified box steps, 4 hip sways
1&2, 3&4Cross L over R-R step-L side step, Cross R over L-L step-R side step
***RESTART at wall 3 after box add a “&” count L step to begin dance again on R
5-6-7-8sway hips L-R-L-R
***TAG/RESTART at wall 5 repeat 4ct hips sways then begin dance again

S5: L sailor step w/ ¼ R turn, ½ R turn triple step, L rock step, L coaster step
1&2L step behind R- ¼ R turn into R fwd step-L back step (9:00)
3&4rotate ½ R turn with steps R-L-R (3:00)
5-6L fwd step transfer weight to R
7&8L back step-R step next to L – L fwd step

Created 05/30/15 stepsheet by Annemarie Dunn