I've Got Jack

Bobbey Willson (USA) - June 2015
Jim and Jack and Hank - Alan Jackson

Begin on beat 17, Leading the Lyrics

R Rock-Rec 1/4 Sailor, L Rock-Rec Coaster
1 2 3&4Rock fwd R, Recover L, Step R behind L, Turn 1/4 right and step L, Step R to L
5 6 7&8Rock fwd L, Recover R, Step back L, Step R to L, Step fwd L

Clap R Vine, L Vine w/Rock-Rec
1 2 3 4Clap, Step R to right, Step L behind R, Step R to right
5 6 7&8Step L to left, Step R behind L, Step L to left, Step R back, Recover on L

R Fwd Shuffle Step-Turn, L Fwd Shuffle Step-Turn
1&2 3 4Step fwd R, Step L to R, Step fwd R, Step fwd L, Turn 1/2 right and Step R
5&6 7 8Step fwd L, Step R to L, Step fwd L, Step fwd R, Turn 1/2 left and Step L

R Touches & Sailor, L Touches & Sailor
1 2 3&4Touch R fwd, Touch R to right, Step R behind L, Step L, Step R to L
5 6 7&8Touch L fwd, Touch L to left, Step L behind R, Step R, Step L to R

*4 Count Tag - After Wall 4 - facing 12:00
1 2 3 4Step R, Clap, Step L, Clap

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Last Update – 30th June 2015