Almost Paradise

Meiske Pamaputera, Indo, July 2015
Almost Paradise by Mike Reno feat Ann Wilson

Intro : 32 count
Restart ; After wall 2 (06;00 ) & During wall 6 :S3 after 8& (06;00 )

S1: Right skate diagonal R, Skate Left diagonal L, Forward Right, Left, Right, Recover, ½ Turn R, Step , Spiral turn Left
1-2Skate Right diagonal right, skate Left diagonal left
&3-4Step forward Right , Left , Right (12;00)
5&6Recover on L, ½ Turn Right step fwd R, Fwd Left prepare to turn
7-8Step Right full turn Left, Left forward (06;00 )
* Restart here after wall 2 ( 06:00 )

S2: Right slide to Right, 1/4 Left turn sailor, forward Right, Left, Right, Recover, Sailor Step ¼ Turn Right
1Slide Right to Right side
2&3Cross left behind right, Step right to right , Step left slightly fwd
4&5Step forward Right, Left, Right ( show attitude )
6-7&8Recover on Left, Cross right behind left, ¼ Turn right step left to left, Step right slightly forward ( 06;00)

S3; Left forward, Mambo, Coaster Step, Right forward, ½ Turn Left, Right shuffle forward
1-2&3Step forward Left, Step forward Right, Recover on Left, Right step back.
4&5Step back Left, Step Right next to Left, Step Left slightly fwd
6-7Step Right forward, 1/ 2 Turn Left step Left
8&1Step forward Right, Left, *** Right (12;00)
***Restart here during wall 6 (06;00 )

S4: Ronde ½ Turn Right Cross shuffle, Scissor Right & Left, Touch
2&3Sweep Left foot from back to front make ½ Turn Right Cross Left over Right, Step Right to Right, Cross Left over Right
4&5Step Right to Right, Step Left next to Right, Cross Right over left
6&7Step Left to L, Step Right next to Left, Cross Left over R
8Touch Right next to Left ( 06;00 )

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