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Julie Snailham (ES) - July 2015
El Perdón - Nicky Jam & Enrique Iglesias : (Official Video)

Intro: 8 counts

S1: Back Kick, Step, Shuffle Forward, Step 1/4 Pivot R, Step ¼ Pivot R, Cross Shuffle
1-2Step down on R and kick L forward, step L beside R.
3&4Shuffle forward stepping R, L, R
5-6Step forward on L, make a ¼ turn R
7&8Cross step L over R, Step R to Right side, Cross step L over R

S2: Step Right, Together, Chasse, Cross point, Side point, Left sailor step
1-2Step on R to right side, Step L beside R
3&4Step on R to right side, Step L next to R, Step on R to right side
5-6Point L across R, Point L to L side
7&8Cross step L behind R, small step on right to right side, step L in place

S3: Weave Left, Left side Mambo cross, Right side Mambo cross
1-2Cross step R over L, Step L to Left side
3&4Step R behind L Step L to left side. Cross step R over left
5&6Rock left out to left side, recover on right, step left slightly forward across right
7&8Rock right out to right side, recover on left, step right slightly forward across left

S4: Walks Forward, Toe touches, Step Pivot, Kick Ball Touch
1-2Walk Left, Walk Right
3&4Toe touch L across R, step back on Left, Toe touch R across
&5-6Step back on right, step forward on left pivot ½ turn right
7&8Kick Left forward, Step L together, touch right toe beside Left

Dance finishes with first two steps of Section1 at Wall 10

Contact: snailham56@yahoo.co.uk