Blue Moon Girl

Tjwan Oei (NL) & Marja Urgert (NL) - August 2015
Blue Moon Girl "By" Yvette Landry

Intro: start on voice

Toe Strut To Right Side, Cross Toe Strut, Scissor Step, Hold
1-2-3-4RF. step with toe to the right side – RF. set heel down – LF. cross with toe over RF. – LF. set heel down
5-6-7-8RF. step to the right side – LF. step together – RF. cross over LF. – Hold

Step Fwd, Hold X2, Jazz Box With Touch
1-2-3-4LF. step forward – Hold – RF. step forward – Hold
5-6-7-8LF. cross over RF. – RF. step back – LF. step to the left side – RF. touch beside LF.

Vine To Right Side With 1/4 Turn Left, and Hitch, Step Lock Step, Scuff
1-2-3-4RF. step to right side – LF. cross behind – RF. step to right side – LF. step ¼ turn left and hitch (9)
5-6-7-8LF. step forward – RF. lock behind LF. – LF. step forward – RF. scuff forward

Rocking Chair, Step Right Fwd, Heel Swivel
1-2-3-4RF. rock forward – Recover weight onto LF. – RF. step back – Recover weight onto LF
5-6-7-8RF. step forward – RF/LF. heel turn to right RF/LF. heel turn to left – RF/LF. heel turn to centre ( Weight on LF. )

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