Corn Whiskey

Sue Smyth (UK) - August 2015
I Wanna Be a Hillbilly - Billy Currington

Intro: 32 Counts After Heavy Drum Beat, Start On Word ‘Hillbilly’,

Tag End Of Wall 1 6 O’clock

Sec 1: Toe Struts Back, Right Coaster Step Hold
1-2Right Toe Heel Strut Back
3-4Left Heel Toe Strut Back
5-6Step Back On Right, Step Left Beside Right
7-8Step Forward On Right Hold (Clap) Optional

Sec 2: Heel Struts Forward, Left Mambo ¼ Turn Left Hold
1-2Left Heel Toe Strut Forward
3-4Right Heel Toe Strut Forward
5-6Rock Forward On Left Recover On Right
7-8Make ¼ Turn Left Stepping On Left Hold (Clap) Optional

Sec 3: Cross Rock Side Hold, Cross Shuffle Hold
1-2Cross Rock Right Over Left, Recover On Left
3-4Step Right To Right Side, Hold
5-6Cross Left Over Right,Step Right To Right Side
7-8Cross Left Over Right, Hold

Sec 4: ½ Rhumba Box Back Hold, Chasse ¼ Turn Left Hold,
1-2Step Right To Right Side, Step Left Beside Right,
3-4Step Back On Right, Hold
5-6Step Left To Left Side, Step Right Beside Left
7-8Make ¼ Turn Left Stepping Forward On Left, Hold

Sec 5: `Mambo Stomp Clap Right Side,Left Point Touch Heel Hook
1-2Rock Right To Right Side, Recover On Left
3-4Stomp Right Beside Left, Clap
5-6Point Left To Left Side, Touch Left Beside Right
7-8Left Heel Forward, Hook Left Up Infront Of Right

Sec 6: Left Lock Forward,Scuff Right Foot Fwd,R Rock Forward L Flick, Left Step Back Hitch Right
1-2Step Forward On Left, Lock Right Behind Left
3-4Step Forward On Left, Scuff Right Foot Forward
5-6Rock Forward On Right, Flick Left Foot Behind Right (Clap Optional)
7-8Step Back On Left, Hitch Right Foot Up (Clap Optional)

#8 Count Tag Done At The End Of Wall 1 Facing 6 O’clock
Toe Struts Back Reverse Rocking Chair
1-2Right Toe Heel Strut Back
3-4Left Toe Heel Strut Back
5-6Rock Back On Right, Recover On Left
7-8Rock Fwd On Right, Recover On Left

** The music slows down at the end just keep dancing till the end/


Last Update - 17th Aug 2015