Let's Take A Shot

Dwight Birkjær (DK) - September 2015
Let's Take a Shot by Gloriane

Intro: 32 count

Kick and Heel and Toe and Heel, Shuffle ½ turn left x2 with hips
1&2&Kick R fwd., R beside L, L heel tap fwd. L beside R (12)
3&4&Tap R toe behind L, step down R, L heel tap fwd. L beside R (12)
5&6¼ turn left stepping R back. right hip, close L beside R left hip, ¼ turn left stepping R back right hip(6)
7&8¼ turn left stepping L . left hip, close R beside L right hip, ¼ turn left stepping L fwd. left hip (12)

Pivot ¼ turn left, Cross, Full turn right, Behind side cross, Vine ¼ turn
1&2Step R fwd. ¼ turn left, cross R over L (9)
3&4¼ turn right stepping L back, ½ turn right stepping R fwd. ¼ turn right stepping L to side (9)
5&6R behind L, L to side, cross R over L (9)
7&8L to side, R behind L, ¼ turn left stepping L fwd. (6)
Restart Wall 3 ( 6)

Charleston x2, Paddle ½ turn with hips, Coaster
1&2Sweep R in front L, Sweep R behind L, step R behind L (6)
Restart wall 8 (6)
3&4Sweep L behind R, sweep L in front R, step L fwd. (6)
(Styling twist heels in and out)
5&6¼ turn left Point R toe right hip, recover L hip left, ¼ turn left step down R hip right (12)
7&8Step L back, R beside L, step L fwd. (12)

Kick Out Out, In, Cross touch, ½ turn unwind right, Side, ¼ rock right, ½ turn, ¾ turn left
1&2&Kick R fwd., step R to side, step L to side, step R beside L (12)
3-4Cross touch L over R, Full turn unwind right (12)
5-6&Rock R to side, ¼ turn left, step R fwd. (9)
7&8½ turn left, step R fwd. ¾ turn left (6)

Ending: Sec. 2
5&6Behind side cross (9)
7&8¼ turn left rock L, Recover R, ½ turn left stepping L fwd. (12)

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Last Update - 25th Oct. 2015