What If She's An Angel

Frances Young (AUS)
What If She's an Angel - Tommy Shane Steiner : (Album: Then Came The Night)

Pattern: 1 Wall Dance That Becomes 2 Walls With Tags

1Step R fwd
2&3&L back Coater Step (L, R, L), Pivot ½ turn R onto R [6:00]
4Step L fwd
5&6&Rock–step R fwd, Replace on L, Rock-step R to R, Replace on L
7&8&1Step R behind L, Step L to L, Cross shuffle (R, L, R) to L side

2Replace weight back onto L
3&4Step R back on diagonal, Drag L across over R, Step R back on diagonal
*5-6 straightens up to face 6:00
5-6Sweep L back to step back, Sweep R back to step back
7&8&L Back Coaster, ¼ L hitching R knee [3:00]

1&2&Side shuffle R-L-R to R, ¼ R hitching L knee [6:00]
3&4Shuffle fwd L-R-L
5-6&Long step to R with R, Rock-step L back behind R, Replace on R
7-8Step L fwd turn ½ R sweeping R around, Step R behind L [12:00]
&Small Step L with L

1&2&3&42 consecutive Cross Sambas (R, L, R) (L, R, L) The last step is R fwd
5&6&Fwd L Coaster step (L, R, L), Step R beside L
7-8Step L fwd, Touch R beside L [12:00]

After Wall 1: 1-2 Step R fwd, Pivot ½ L onto L. Start again
After Wall 2: 1-8 Dance the first 8& counts of dance then Step R fwd
After Wall 3: 1-2 Same as Tag 1
After Wall 4: No Tag
After Wall 5: 1-6 Dance the first 4 counts then Step R fwd, Pivot ½ L
After Wall 6: 1-2 Same as Tag 1

Note: The Tags are easy enough. You will hear them after listening to the song a few times

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