Gotta Lot of Rhythm

Leif Wittorff - Denmark – August 2015
"Gotta Lot Of Rhythm In My Soul" by Niamh Lynn

Intro: 16 Counts

One little Restart in wall 8 after 16 counts

Section 1: Shuffle fwd. R., Fwd. rock, Shuffle back L., Back rock
1 & 2Step right forward, step left next to right, step right forward
3 – 4Step left forward, recover on right
5 & 6Step left back, step right next to left, step left back
7 – 8Step right back, recover on left

Section 2: Side rock R, Behind side cross, Side rock, Behind side ¼ turn R,
1 – 2Step right to right, recover on left
3 & 4Step left to left, step right behind left, step right across left
5 – 6Step left to left, recover on right
7 & 8Step left behind right, step right forward ¼ turn to right, step left forward
(Restart in wall 8)

Section 3: Heel Switch, shuffle fwd. R, Heel Switch, Shuffle fwd. L
1&2&Tap right heel forward, Step right beside left, Tap left heel forward, step left beside right
3 & 4Step right forward, step left next to right, step right forward
5&6&Tap left heel forward, Step left beside right, Tap right heel forward, step right beside right
7 & 8Step left forward, step right next to left, step left forward

Section 4: Fwd. Rock, ½ turn shuffle R, Jazz box, Touch
1 – 2Step right forward, recover to left
3 & 4Step right to right turning ¼ right, step left beside right, step right forward turning ¼ right
5 – 6Step left across right, step right back
7 – 8Step left to left, Touch right beside left


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