I Am The Train

Diana Dawson (UK) - November 2015
I Am the Train - George Inglis : (CD: Single - Amazon & iTunes)

#16 count intro from beginning

Right Heel, Toe, Step, Scuff, Brush Back, Scuff forward, Shuffle forward
1-2Touch Right Heel forward. Touch Right Toes back
3-4Step forward on Right. Scuff left forward
5-6Brush Left back in front of Right shin. Scuff Left forward
7&8Left Shuffle forward stepping Left, Right, Left.

Forward Rock, Shuffle back x2, Back Rock
1-2Rock forward on Right. Recover onto Left
3&4Right Shuffle back stepping Right, Left, Right.
5&6Left Shuffle back stepping Left, Right, Left.
7-8Rock back on right. Recover onto Left
(Option: Steps 3&4 and 5&6 – two turning shuffles, half turn right each)

Right Kick Ball Change , Right Side Rock, Cross Shuffle, Left Side rock
1&2Kick Right foot forward. Step Right beside left. Step onto Left foot
3-4Rock out to Right side. Recover onto Left
5&6Cross Right over Left. Step Left to Left side, Cross Right over Left
7-8Rock out to left side. Recover onto Right

Left behind & cross, Monterey Quarter turn, Jazz-box
1&2Step Left behind right. Step Right to Right side. Cross Left over Right
3-4Point Right to Right side. Quarter turn Right stepping Right beside Left [3:00]
5-6Point Left to Left side. Step Left beside Right
7-8Cross Right over Left. Step back on Left
9-10Step Right to Right Side. Step Left beside Right

Start Again

TAG: at the end of Wall 1 (facing 3 o’clock) and Wall 3 (facing 9 o’clock)
Rocking chair
1-2Rock forward on Right. Recover onto Left
3-4Rock back on Right. Recover onto Left

Choreographer’s Note:
This dance was written to celebrate the return of the Borders Railway - the longest new domestic railway to be constructed in Britain for over 100 years.
After almost 50 years without a train service in this part of the world, trains finally returned in September 2015
The dance is choreographed to I AM THE TRAIN, an original song by George Inglis.
Music and story video is on VIMEO https://vimeo.com/138161184