Same Page CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Roxanne Moates & Bill Larson – November 2015
"Close Your Eyes" by Meghan Trainor. CD: Single 3:41 (80 bpm)

Weight on Right, Start 32 counts in on the word “Waste” (30 seconds) V1 2.11.15 – Turning CW

S1. Walk Walk, Walk Turn, Cross Side Behind, Back Recover, Turn Turn
1,2Walk forward L, R
3,4&aWalk forward L, Pivot turn 1/4 R, (weight on R) Cross L over R, Step R to right side (3:00)
5Step L behind R sweeping R around and out to side
6Step back on R popping L knee forward
7Step forward on L
8aturning 1/2 L Step back on R (9:00) turning 1/4 L Step L to side (6:00)

S2. Cross Rock Side Cross, Side Hinge, Cross Turn Turn Step, Push Turn Cross, Side Drag
1,2&aCross / Step R over L, Recover weight onto L, Step R to right side, Cross L over R
3,4Step R to right side, hinge turn 1/4 L Step L to side (3:00)
5&aCross R over L, turning 1/4 R Step back on L (6:00), turning 1/2 R Step R forward (12:00)
6Step L forward
7&aPushing back onto R, turning 1/4 L Step L to side (9:00) Cross R over L
8Step L to left side dragging R up beside L

S3. Ball Step, Back Recover Turn, Step Pivot. Step Together, Back Together, Forward Touch
a1Step R beside L, Step L to left side
2aStep R behind L (snap fingers to side at shoulder height), Recover forward onto L
3turning 1/4 R Step forward onto R (12:00)
4aStep forward on L, Pivot turn 1/2 R (weight on R 6:00)
5aStep forward on L, Step R beside L
6aStep back on R, Step R beside L
7Step forward on L
8Touch R toe out to right side (snap fingers to side at shoulder height)

S4. Ball Cross, Side Ball Cross, Side Hinge, Side/Sway Rock/Sway, Turn Turn Step
a1Step R to centre, Cross L over R
2aStep R to right side, Step L together
3Cross R over L
4Step L to left side
5hinge turn 1/2 R Rock/Sway R to right side (12:00)
6Rock/Sway L to left side
7turning 1/4 R Step forward onto R (3:00)
8Stepping forward on L spiral full turn over R shoulder (3:00)
aStep slightly forward onto R

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