Skip The Line

Early Intermediate
Renae Filiou - December 2015
High Class - Eric Paslay

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Step ½ Pivot, Shuffle Back, Rock Step, Triple ¾ Turn
1, 2Step R Forward, ½ Turn to right and Step L Back (6:00 wall)
3&4Shuffle Back R, L, R
5, 6Rock Back L, Return to R
7&8Step forward L turning ½ right, Stepping R Back turning ¼ R, Cross L Over (3:00 Wall)

Big Step Right, Hip Bumps, Heel, Heel, Point Point
1,2Large Step R, Tap L next to R
3&4Small Hip Bumps keeping Weight on R
5&6&Point L heel fwd, Step L beside R, Point R heel fwd, Step R beside L
7&8Point L toe to L, Step L beside R, Point R toe to R

Sailor Right, Sailor Left, ½ Turn Unwind, Cross Shuffle
1&2Sailor R
3&4Sailor L
5,6Dig R toe behind L, Unwind ½ to R, Weight onto R foot (9:00 wall)
7&8Cross shuffle L over R (L, R, L)

Rock Right, Behind Side Cross, ¼ Turn, Rock, Coaster Step
1-2Rock R to R side, Recover to L
3&4Cross step R behind L, Step L to L side, Cross Step R over Left turning ¼ left (6:00 wall)
5,6Rock L fwd, Recover to R
7&8L coaster step

There is only one Tag, after the 1st wall, then start dance over.
Tag: (16 count)
Walk Forward, Forward Coaster Step, Walk Bank, Coaster Step
1,2Walk forward R, L
3&4Forward R Coaster Step
5,6Walk back L, R
7&8Coaster Step L Back

Small Jumps, Rock, Coaster Step
&1,2Jump fwd onto R foot, Jump L next to R, weight to L
&3,4Jump fwd onto R foot, Tap L next to R
5,6Rock L fwd, Recover to R
7&8L coaster step