Move Like You Do CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Krista Rotondo – Dec. 2015
Move by Luke Bryan

RESTART: wall 6 after 16 cts

START: after 32 counts at lyrics

R Rock-step, R Coaster, L Rock-step, L ½ turn triple step
1-2R fwd step-recover weight on L
3&4R back step - L step nxt to R - R fwd step
5-6L fwd step-recover weight on R
7&8½ L turn on L-R-L (6:00)

½ L turn, Heel swivel, step-kick&point, cross back, L full unwind
1-2½ L turn onto R step(12:00) – L back step (equal weight on both feet for swivel)
3-4swivel heels to ¼ R (body/knees facing L)– then ¼ L to return to original position
&5&6L step-R fwd kick-R step nxt to L-L point out to L side
7-8cross L ball of foot behind R, L full unwind transferring weight to L (12:00)

R Hiprolls, R Sailor, L Hiprolls, L ¼ turn Sailor
1-2R step out to R side to begin 2 R hiprolls (clockwise rotation end weight on L)
3&4R step behind L- transfer weight on L- R step to R side
5-6 2L hiprolls (counter-clockwise end weight on R)
7&8L step behind R-1/4 L turn transfer weight on R- L fwd step (9:00)

4 Heel switches w/ ½ L turn, (2) ¼ R pivot turn ball-changes (alt pivot w/ 2 stomps)
1&2&3&4Rotate ½ L turn while switching heels (3:00)
(R heel fwd-R step-L heel fwd-L step-R heel fwd-R step-L heel fwd-Lstep)
5&6¼ R pivot turn weight onto L-R ball step(alt stomp)- Lfwd step(alt stomp)(6:00)
7&8¼ R pivot turn weight onto L-R ball step(alt stomp)- Lfwd step(alt stomp)(9:00)

Created 12/09/15 stepsheet by Annemarie Dunn
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