Feel Good CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Beginner / Novice - Country Funky
Raquel Williams – Dec. 2015
"I Feel Good" by Thomas Rhett

[1-8] Vaudeville Left, Vaudeville Right
1 2Step Left Side, Step Right behind Left
&3&4Step Left Side, Touch Right Heel Forward (1:30), Step Right Next to Left, Step Left across Right
5 6Step Right Side, Step Left behind Right
&7&8Step Right Side, Touch Left Heel Forward (10:30), Step Left Next to Right, Step Right across Left

[1-8] Left Chasse, Right Chasse, ½ Turn Right, Out-Out-In-In
1&2Locking Chasse diagonally Forward Left-Right-Left (10:30)
3&4Locking Chasse diagonally Forward Right-Left-Right (10:30)
5 6Step Left Forward, Turn ½ Turn Right (weight to right foot, 4:30)
&7&8Big Step Left Side 1/8 Turn Right (6:00), Big Step Right Side, Step Left to Right, Step Right to Left

[1-8] Left Touch and Cross, Right Touch and Cross, Rock Recover, Coaster Step
1 2Touch Left Side, Cross Left over Right
3 4Touch Right Side, Cross Right over Left
5 6Rock Left Forward, Recover to Right
7&8Step Left Back, Step Right Together, Step Left Forward

[1-8] Right Toe Strut, Left Toe Strut, ½ Turn Left, ½ Turn Right, Drag
1 2Step Right Toe Forward, Drop Right Heel
3 4Step Left Toe Forward, Drop Left Heel
5 6Step Right Forward, Turn ½ Left (weight to Left 12:00)
7 8Step Right Forward Turn ½ Left, Drag Left to Right (no weight change)

Restarts: Wall 2 (16 counts), Wall 4 (first 8 counts), Wall 5 (16 counts), Wall 7 (16 counts), Wall 11 (16 counts)

Contact: raquel@dpmstudios.com

Last Update – 27th Nov 2016