At The Disco!

Ultra Beginner
Sandy Kerrigan (AUS) - January 2016
Belfast by Boney M / iTunes

OR: Daddy Cool by Boney M.
Any Disco Tune Works well.
Slower tracks…
Last Days Of Disco by Robbie Williams
We Are Family by Sister Sledge

Dance Info: Dance Starts with wt on L

Step Fwd, Kick, Step Back, Together, Step Fwd, Kick, Step Back, Together 12:00
1 2 3 4Step Fwd R, Kick L Fwd, Step Back on L, Step R Back next to L
5 6 7 8Step Fwd L, Kick R Fwd, Step Back R, Step L Back next to R

Vine R with ¼ Turn, Tap, Vine to L Side, Tap3:00
1 2 3 4Step R to R, Cross L Behind R, Turn ¼ R/Step Fwd R, Tap L next To R
5 6 7 8Step L to L, Cross R Behind L, Step L to L Side, Tap R next to L

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