We Went

Donna Manning (USA) - January 2016
We Went - Randy Houser

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Sec. 1 (1-8) (Walk 2X, Push- Recover- Together) 2X
1,2, 3&4Walk L, R, push off ball of L fwrd, recover to R, bring L together with R (booty push for styling if you like)
5,6,7&8Walk R,L, push off ball of R fwrd, recover to L, bring R together with L (booty push for styling if you like)

Sec. 2(9-16) Rock, Recover, Back-Out-Out, Step, ¼ Turn, (Heel-Hitch) 2X
1-2, 3&4Rock L fwrd, recover to R, step L back, step R out to R side, step L out to L side taking weight
5,6Step R fwrd, ¼ turn L (over rotate slightly) taking weight to L
7&8&Touch R heel across L, hitch R & clap, touch R heel across L, hitch R & clap

Sec.3 (17-24&) Cross Rock, Recover, Side Triple, Cross Rock, Side Triple, Ball step
1,2,3&4Cross Rock R over L, recover to L, R to R side, L to R (1st position), R to R side
5,6,7&8&Cross Rock L over R, recover to R, L to L side, R to L (1st position), L to L side, bring ball of R to center to begin again!

Thanks for sharing and HAVE FUN!

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