Hello Jo

Beginner / Improver
Norman Gifford (USA) - January 2016
Hello Josephine - Jerry Jaye : (CD: One More Time)

(Music Available on iTunes)

Start on "-phine" of "Hello Josephine"

S1: (Forward lock-steps with brushes)
1-4Right step forward; left lock behind right; right step forward; left brush
5-8Left step forward; right lock behind left; left step forward; right brush

S2: (Rock-step, turn ½ right, hold, full spin-turn right, steps forward, hold)
1-2Right rock forward; left recover back preparing right turn
3-4Turn ½ right stepping forward; hold [6:00]
5-8Left step forward in full spin turn right; two steps forward (RL); hold
*** Alternate steps for counts 5-8
*** 5-8 Running steps forward (LRL); hold

S3: (Weave right, scissor-step, hold)
1-4Right step side; left behind; right step side; left crossover
5-8Right step side; left step back; right crossover; hold

S4: (Weave left, scissor-step, hold)
1-4Left step side; right behind; left step side; right crossover
5-8Left step side; right step back; left crossover; hold

S5: (Step, touch, ¼ turn, touch, mambo-step, hold)
1-2Right step diagonal; left touch by right
3-4Turn ¼ left stepping left forward; right touch by left [3:00]
5-6Right rock forward; left replace
7-8Right step together; hold

S6: (Coaster-step, hold, kick-ball-change, hold)
1-4Left step back; right together; left step forward; hold
5-8Right low kick forward; right step together; left replace; hold


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