Show Me The Way

Wil Bos (NL) & Marja Urgert (NL) - Feburary 2016
Show Me the Way - Dr. Victor (Album: I Believe In Love!)

Info : Intro 64 counts

S1: Side, Cross Rock Recover, Chassé, Back Rock Recover, Step Lock Step Fwd
1RF step side
2-3LF rock across, RF recover
4&5LF step side, RF together, LF step side
6-7RF rock back, LF recover
8&1RF step forward, LF lock behind, RF step forward

S2: Pivot ½ R, Cross Samba x2, Heel Grind, Side
2-3LF step forward, L+R ½ turn right
4&5LF cross over, RF rock side, LF recover
6&7RF cross over, LF rock side, RF recover
8&1LF step forward on heel with toes right, RF twist L toes left and step back, LF step side

S3: Cross, Side, Sailor ¼ R, Fwd, ½ L Back, ¼ L Chassé
2-3RF cross over, LF step side
4&5RF ¼ right cross behind, LF step beside, RF small step forward
6-7LF step forward, RF ½ left step back
8&1LF ¼ left step side, RF together, LF step side

S4: Point Across, Point Side, Sailor Step, Point Across, Point Side, Behind-Side-Cross
2-3RF point across, RF point side
4 & 5RF cross behind, LF step beside, RF step side
6-7LF point across, LF point side
8&1LF cross behind, RF step side, LF cross over

S5: Side, Together, Chassé ¼ R, Rock/Check Fwd Recover, Sailor ½ L Cross
2-3RF step side, LF together
4&5RF step side, LF together, RF ¼ right step forward
6-7LF rock forward and lift RF slightly, RF recover
8&1LF ½ left cross behind, RF step beside, LF cross over

S6: Side Rock Recover, Cross Shuffle, ¼ R Back, ¼ R Side, Cross Shuffle
2-3RF rock side, LF recover
4&5RF cross over, LF step side, RF cross over
6-7LF ¼ right step back, RF ¼ right step side
8&1LF cross over, RF step side, LF cross over

S7: Side, Together, Scissor (x2)
2-3RF step side with hips right, LF together with hips left
4&5RF step side, LF together, RF cross over
6-7LF step side with hips left, RF together with hips right
8&1LF step side, RF together, LF cross over

S8: ¼ L Step Lock Step Bkw, Coaster, Pivot ½ L, Side, Together
2&3RF ¼ left step back, LF lock across, RF step back
4&5LF step back, RF together, LF step forward
6-7RF step forward, R+L ½ turn left
8&RF step side, LF together

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