Ain't We Livin' The Dream

Gail A. Dawson
Livin' the Dream by DrakeWhite

Intro: 16 counts

Heel Grind, Triple Step, Heel Grind, Triple Step
1,2Rock forward on R heel arcing toe from L to R, return weight to L
3&4Step R diagonally forward to R, step L beside R, Step R forward
5,6Rock forward on L heel arcing toe from R to L, return weight to R
7&8Step L diagonally forward to L, step R beside L, Step L forward
*** Restart Here on 8th Wall

Cross Step, Point, Back Cross Step Point, Step Back, Together, Kick Ball Change
1,2Step R forward crossing over L, L point to L
3,4Step L behind crossing behind R, R point to R
5,6Step R back, step L beside R
7&8R kick, step R beside L, L step in place
** Restart Here on 3rd Wall

¼ Pivot, Crossing Triple, Rock Recover, Behind, ¼ Turn, Step
1,2Step R forward, pivot ¼ to L (9:00)
3&4Cross R over L, step L to L, cross R over L
5,6Rock L to L, recover to R
7&8Step L behind R, step R forward turning ¼ R (12:00), step L forward

Pivot ½, Triple Step, Rock Recover, Coaster Step
1,2Step R forward, pivot ½ to L (6:00)
3&4Step R forward, step L beside R, step R forward
5,6Rock L forward, recover to R
7&8Step L back, step R beside L, step L forward

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