If The Boot Fits CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Lieren King – March 2016
"If the Boot Fits" by Granger Smith

RESTART @ wall 3 after 24cts
START after 16 cts at lyrics

S1: R Step-heel swivel-kick, R Coaster step, 2 L Hip bumps, ½ R turn into R Chasse
1&2&R Fwd step - swivel heels R side then return - R fwd kick
3&4R back step - L next to R - R fwd step
5-6, 7&8L side step into 2 L hip bumps, ½ R turn into R side steps (R-L-R)(6:00)

S2: 2 Skate steps, ½ L turning Sailor, Rock-steps (Fwd-Side), R Full turn, 2 Jumps
1&2&Lside step - draw R in – R side step – draw L in behind R to begin Sailor
3&4L step behind R while rotating into ¼ L turn step weight on R ¼ L turn step L fwd(12:00)
5&6&R fwd step–recover weight on L–R side step “push”–recover weight on L spin ½ R turn
7&R step continue ½ R turn onto L step
8&Jump both feet open – then together

S3: R Kick-cross lock steps, 2 steps, ½ R Pivot, L Grapevine-touch, ½ R Monterey turn, Point-step
1&2&R fwd kick – cross R step over L – L back step – cross R step over L
3&4&L back step – R step near L - L fwd step into ½ R pivot turn – R fwd step(6:00)
5&6&L side step – R step behind L – L side step – R touch nxt to L
7&8&R side point – ½ R turn step R nxt to L – L side point – L step nxt to R (12:00)

S4: 3 Heel switches, hook-step, 2 heel switches-step w/ rotating ¼ L turn, “slappin leather”
1&2&3&4&R fwd heel-R step nxt to L-L fwd heel-Lstep nxt to R-R fwd heel-hook R heel up-R heel fwd-R step nxt to L
5&6&7&8&(rotating ¼ L turn while doing 2 heel switches) L fwd heel-Lstep nxt to R-R fwd heel-R step nxt to L- L FWD STEP- Slap L hand on R back lifted heel-Slap R hand on R side lifted heel – Slap L hand on R fwd lifted heel

Created 03/17/2016 stepsheet by Annemarie Dunn
Contact: wordinmotionap2g@yahoo.com