Cadi Up This Lac (High Class)

Low Intermediate
Megan Kathleen Carroll - April 2016
High Class - Eric Paslay

#16 count intro, start on vocals

Stomp, clap, small hop forward, stomp, clap, step forward, pivot 1/2 turn, shuffle forward
1, 2Stomp right foot forward, clap hands
& 3, 4Bring left to right, stomp right foot again, clap hands
5, 6Step left foot forward, 1/2 turn right
7&8Shuffle forward left, right, left

Point forward, point to right side, sailor step, point forward, point to left side, sailor step
1, 2Point right foot forward, point right foot to right side
3&4Right behind left, step left, step right next to left
5, 6Point left foot forward, point left foor to left side
7&8Left behind right, step right, step left next to right

Right up, touch left, left up, touch right, right kick and point, left kick and point
1, 2Step right up diagonally, touch left
3, 4Step left up diagonally, touch right
5&6Kick right forward, step next to left, point left to left side
7&8Kick left forward, step next to right, point right to right side

Right behind left, 1/2 turn right, step left, kick right, right step-lock-step, step left 1/2, kick right
1, 2Step right behind left, 1/2 turn right with weight on right foot
3, 4Put weight on left foot, kick right foot
5&6Step right forward, step left behind right, step right forward
7, 8Step left forward, 1/2 turn right, hitch right foot

RESTART facing second wall. Only do the first 16 counts, then start again.