Boys & Girls CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

High Intermediate
Rhoda Lai, Canada - May 2016
"Boys & Girls (feat. Pia Mia)" by (4:01)


Intro: 48 counts
Note: 4-count Tag at the end of Walls 1 & 3. 1 Restart during Wall 5 (see below)

S1: R Side, L Back-Rock-Side, R Behind - ¼ L - L Forward, Pencil Full, Shoulder Rolls- R Hitch
12&3Step R to the side, rock back L, recover onto R, step L to L side
4&Step R behind L, ¼ L stepping forward L (9:00)
56Make a full turn L spin over 2 counts and move R next to L (easy option: ½ L on R, ½ L on L on the spot)
7&8Roll R shoulder back, roll L shoulder back, hitch R

S2: R Coaster Step, L Forward, R Forward - Pivot ¼ L - Cross, ¼ R, ½ R, L Side
1&2Step back R, step L beside R, step forward R
34&5Step forward L, step forward R, pivot ¼ L, cross R over L (6:00)
678¼ R stepping back L, ½ R stepping R forward, step L to L side (3:00)

S3: R Heel Strut, ¼ L- L Heel Strut, R Rocking Chair, R Forward, Lunge L
12Tap R heel to R diagonal, bend knees and gradually transfer weight to R with body straightened-up
34¼ L and repeat the same move with L foot (easy option for counts 1-4: 2 Heel struts R & L) (12:00)
5&6&Rock forward R, recover onto L, rock back R, recover onto L
78&Step forward R, ¼ R lunging L to the side, recover onto R (3:00)

S4: ¼ L, R Step back, L Heel-step, R Forward Pivot ¼, R Cross, L Side-behind, ¼ L – L Forward, R touch
1&2&¼ L stepping L beside R, step back R, touch L heel to L diagonal, step L in place (12:00)
345Step forward R, pivot ¼ L, cross R over L (opt styling on count 5: pop L knee when crossing R) (9:00)
6&78Step L to L side, step R behind L, ¼ L stepping L forward, touch R beside L (6:00)

S5: Walk Back RLR, L Coaster Step, R Forward, L Forward lock steps
123Walk back R, walk back L and hitch R, walk back R (opt styling on count 2: raise hands to hit the accent of the music)
4&5Step back L, step R beside L, step forward L
6Step forward R
7&8Step forward L, lock R behind L, step forward L *** Restart here during Wall 5

S6: R Kick-and-touch, L Side-rock-cross, R-Side-rock-cross, ½ L, ½ L
1&2Kick R forward, step R in place, touch L toes behind
3&4Rock L to L side, recover onto R, cross L over R
5&6Rock R to R side, recover onto L, cross R over L
78Unwind ½ L (weight on L), ½ L stepping R back (6:00)

S7: L Out R Out, Hip Rolls, R Cross Mambo, L Cross Mambo ¼ L
12Step L out to L side, step R out to R side (feet apart)
34Hip rolls clockwise from R to L (ending weight on L)
5&6Cross R over L, recover onto L, step R to R side
7&8Cross L over R, recover onto R, ¼ L stepping L forward (3:00)

S8: Jump ¼ L, Jump ½ L, R Rock-out-out, Free-style knee pops/stanky leg/butterfly
12¼ L jump/heel bounce on both feet, ½ L jump/heel bounce on both feet (Jump higher on the 2nd one!) (6:00)
3&4Rock forward R, step L out to L side, step R out to R side
5678Pop knees in L, R, L, R (0r Free style anything with ending weight on L. This is meant to be playful and creative!)

*4 –count Tag at the end of Walls 1 & 3: shimmy, shake whatever you like or just stand with folded arms to look real COOL!

Restart: During 5 th wall, dance up to 40 counts and restart the dance (6:00)

Ending: During 7th wall, dance up to counts 6 on S2, do this on the next 2 counts to face 12:00
7&8¼ R stepping R to R side, put R hand up, put L hand up

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