Send Me A Letter Amanda

Easy Intermediate
Richard Wong (SG) - May 2016
"Send Me A Letter Amanda" by Hallur & The Bellamy Brothers

Intro: 20 Counts

S1: Side Behind, Shuffle ¼ R, Pivot ½ R, ¼ Side Shuffle
1-2Step R to side, cross L behind R
3&4Step R to side, close L to R 1/4R Step R forward (3 o’clock)
5-6Step L forward, Pivot 1/2R
7&81/4R L Step side together Side (12 o’clock)

S2: Rock back, Recover, Heel ball cross, Side recover, Behind Side Cross
1-2Rock R back, recover to L
3&4Tap R heel diagonal fwd, step back on ball of R, cross left over R
5-6Rock R to side, recover onto L
7&8Cross R behind L, step L to side, cross R over L (12 o’clock)

S3: Side Recover, Behind Side Cross, Rock Fwd recover, Rock back recover
1-2Rock L to side, recover onto R
3&4Cross L behind R, Step R to side, Cross L over R (**Restart on wall 5)
5-8Rock R fwd, recover onto L, Rock R back, recover onto L (rocking chair) (12 O’clock)

S4: Rock Fwd recover, ½ R shuffle, Jazz Box
1-2Rock R fwd, recover to L
3&41/2R shuffle fwd R-L-R
5-8Cross L over R, recover onto R, Step L to side, Cross R over L (6 o’clock)

S5: Lindy to Left, Rock Back Recover, Lindy to Right, Rock Back Recover
1&2Step L to L, close R to L, Step L to L
3-4Rock R diagonal back, recover onto L
5&6Step R to R, close L to R, Step Right to side
7-8Rock L diagonal back, recover onto R (6 o’clock)

S6: ½ R Shuffle Turn, Rock back recover, ½ L Shuffle Turn, Rock back recover
1&21/4R step L to side, close R to L, 1/4R Step back L
3-4Rock R back, recover onto L (12 o’clock)
5&61/4L step R to side, close L to R, 1/4L step back on R
7-8Rock back on L, recover onto R (6 o’clock)

S7: Cross Side Behind, Sweep, Behind Side Cross & Cross
1-3Cross L over R, step R to side, Cross L behind R
4Sweep R from front to back
5-6Cross R behind L, Step L to side
7&8Cross right over L, small step L to side, Cross R over L (6 o’clock)

S8: Side Rock Recover, Rock Back Recover, Side Rock Recover, Close L to R, Touch R beside L
1-2Side rock L to L, recover to R
3-4Rock L diagonal back behind R, recover onto R
5-6Side rock L to L, recover to R
7-8Close L to R. Touch R beside L (6 o’clock) (**Restart on wall 7)

S9: Rock Back Recover, Walk, Walk
1-4Rock R back, recover onto L, Walk R fwd, Walk L fwd (6 o’clock)

Restart on :-
Wall 5 after 20 counts (facing 12 o’clock)
Wall 7 – Restart after 64 counts (leave out S9) (facing 12 o’clock)

Ending: Wall 8 - Dance from 1-16 counts. Then add in Side Rock L, Recover onto R, close L to R.