Da Yu Jiang Zhi

Janet (Zhen Zhen) Ge (CN), Tracy Xu (CN) & Elaine Shen (CN) - May 2016
Da Yu Jiang Zhi By Xu Jiaying (The Imperial Doctress Theme Song)

#16 count intro to start on lyrics (30s’)

[1-8] Forward, L Scissors Step, R Scissors, Forward, Pivot 1/2 R, Turn 1/2 R Back/Sweep
1Step right forward
2&3Step left to side, step right together, cross left over right
4&5Step right to side, step left together, cross right over left
6 7Step left forward, pivot 1/2 turn R
81/2 Turn R step left back with sweep right from front to back (12:00)

[9-16] Sailor Cross, Side, Pivot 1/4 R, Turn 3/4 R, Hitch, Point, Place, Turn 1/4 R Sweep
1&2Step right behind left, step left to side, cross right over left
3&4&Step left to side, pivot 1/4 turn R, 1/2 turn R step left back, 1/4 turn R step right to side
5 6Hitch left over right, point left to side
7 8Step left in place with body toward to L slightly, 1/4 turn R sweep right from front to back (3:00)

[17-24] Coaster Step, Forward, Pivot 1/2 R, 1/8 Turn R Point, 1/2 Turn L/Bend knees, Side, Behind, 1/4 Turn R Forward
1&2Step right back, step left together, step right forward
3 4Step left forward, pivot 1/2 turn R (9:00)
5 61/8 Turn R point left to side (10:30), both feet in place 1/2 turn left with bend your knees (4:30)
7 8&Big step right to side, step left behind right, 1/4 turn R step right forward (7:30)

[25-32] Forward, 1/2 Turn L Touch, Shuffle, Forward, 1/2 Turn L Back, 1/8 Turn L Coaster Step
1 2Step left forward, 1/2 turn L touch right toe beside left (1:30)
3&4Step right forward, step left behind right, step right forward
5 6Step left forward, 1/2 turn L step right back (7:30)
7&81/8 Turn L step left back, step right together, step left forward (6:00)


Tag: 4 Count After On Wall 5 (6:00)
1-4Sway L, hold, sway R, hold

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Tracy Xu, E-mail: 2691990372@qq.com
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