The World Fades Away CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Intermediate - Rolling 8 pattern
Darcie DeAngelis - June 2016
"Hold On" by the Scott Brothers

Count in: 8 - Restarts: wall 3 after 4 counts, wall 7 after 2 counts, Tag: end of wall 8

(1-8) L twinkle, R twinkle, Step L Forward, 1/2 Turn R, Full Turn, R Sweep, Cross Side Behind 1/4
1&aStep L across R, step R to side, step L slightly forward
2&aStep R across L, step L to side, step Right slightly forward
3Step L to 1:30 diagonal
4Make a slow 1/2 turn R taking weight to R (7:30)
5&aStep L forward on diagonal (5), make 1/2 turn L stepping R back (&), make 1/2 turn L stepping L forward (a)
6Sweep R back to front making 1/8 turn L (6:00)
7&aCross R over L (7), Step L to L (&), step R behind L (a)
8Making 1/4 L stepping L forward (9:00)

(9-16) 1/4 Sway R-L, Cross 1/4 Turn R, 1/2 Turn R, 1/2 Turn R with Hitch, Walk LRL, Sweep, Cross Back Back, Cross Back Back
1Making 1/4 turn L (12:00), step R to R side, swaying to R (1)
2Sway L taking weight to L (2)
3&aCross R over L (3) make 1/4 turn R stepping back on L (3:00) (&), make 1/2 turn R stepping forward on R (9:00) (a)
4Make 1/2 turn R with on ball of R slightly hitching L (3:00)
5&aStep L forward (5), step R forward (&), step L forward (a)
6Sweep R back to front
7&aMake 1/8 turn L, crossing R over L (7), make 1/8 turn R, stepping back on L (3:00) (&), making 1/8 turn R, step R back (a)
8&aCross L over R (8) make 1/8 turn L (3:00), stepping back on R (&) Step L back diagonally behind R preparing for turn (a)

(17-18) Full Turn, Step Forward
1Make full rotation L on ball of L with R pointed to side creating a sweep-like movement
2Step R forward

** Tag options (1 count) either elongate the full turn to two counts and hold the one count tag or complete dance as written and hold for the 1 count tag.