Fight, It's Time

Carrie Ann Green (ES) - September 2016
Time to Fight by Barei, iTunes/Amazon

Choreographed & Dedicated to Alison Green & The ‘M4 Stompers’, and for everyone Fighting the Fight.
It can be a split floor to the Intermediate dance ‘Time To Fight’

#16 Count Intro from heavy beat. No Tags/Restarts

Section 1: Step Right, Hold, Ball Step Right, Touch, Step Left, Hold, Ball Step Left, Touch.
1,2 &3,4Step R to right side. Hold (Clap). Step ball of L next to R. Step R to right side. Touch (clap) L next to R.
5,6 &7,8Step L to left side. Hold(Clap). Step ball of R next to L. Step L to left side. Touch(Clap) R next to L

Section 2: Step Forward Point, Cross Point, Step pivot ½ turn Left, Rick Kick Ball Step.
1-2Step forward on R, Point L out to left side.
3-4Cross L over R, Point R out to right side.
5-6Step R forward, pivot ½ turn left. (6:00)
7&8Kick R fwd. step R beside Left, step fwd Left.

Section 3: Forward Rock, Recover. Shuffle Back, Back Rock, Recover. Shuffle Forward
1-2Rock forward on R, recover back on L
3&4Step back on R, step L beside right, step back on R (R-L-R)
5-6Rock back on L, recover forward on R
7&8Step forward on L, step R beside left, step forward on L (L-R-L)

Section 4: Jazz box ¼ Turn. Chasse Left. Rock Back, Recover
1-2Cross R over Left; Step L back
3-4Turn ¼ R and step R to side; Touch L next to R (9:00)
5&6Step L to side, step R beside left, step L to side (L-R-L)
7 -8Rock back on R, recover on L

Ending: At the end of wall 10 you will be facing 9:00, Start wall 11:
Section 1: Counts 5,6 &7,8: Step Left, Hold, Ball ½ Turn Left (stepping fwd on L), Touch R.

Enjoy !!

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