15 Rounds

Maddison Glover (AUS) - August 2016
Fifteen Rounds of Jose Cuervo by T.G. Sheppard. Album: Legendary Friends & Country Duets

Dance begins after count 32

Section 1: Fwd, Sweep, Front, Side, Behind, ¼ Forward, Shuffle Forward
1,2,Step R fwd (begin sweeping L around clockwise), hold (continue sweeping L around)
3,4, 5,6Cross L over R, step R to R side, step L behind R, turn ¼ R stepping fwd on R
7&8Step L fwd, step R together, step L fwd 3:00

Section 2: Rock, Recover, Together, Rock, Recover, Together, Walk, Walk
1,2,3,Rock/step R fwd, replace weight back onto L, step R together
4,5,6Rock/ step L fwd, replace weight back onto R, step L together
7,8,Walk fwd R, L
Option: For counts 1 & 4, whilst rocking forward, push/ ‘roll’ through with hips

Section 3: Mambo Fwd, Hold, Coaster Cross, Side
1,2,3,4Rock R fwd, replace weight back onto L, step back on R, hold
5,6,7,8Step back on L, step R together, cross L over R, step R to R side

Section 4: Cross, Hitch, Cross, Side, Cross, Hitch ¼, Fwd, Together
1,2,3,4Cross L over R, hitch R knee up/ slightly across L, cross R over L, step L to L side,
5,6Cross R over L, hitch L knee up/ slightly as you turn ¼ R,
7,8Step L fwd, lock R behind L 6:00

Section 5: Fwd, Point Fwd, Point Side, Flick, ¼ Fwd, Fwd, Pivot ½, Fwd
1,2,3,4Step L fwd, point R fwd, point R to R side, flick R behind L
5,6Turn ¼ R stepping fwd on R, step L fwd,
7,8Pivot ½ over R shoulder (weight on R), step L fwd 3:00

Restart: During the 5 sequence, begin the dance facing 12:00. Dance to count 16 and Restart facing 3:00