You're Only Young Once

Micaela Svensson Erlandsson (SWE) - September 2016
You're Only Young Once - Derek Ryan

Intro: 32 counts.

Section 1: Side. Hold. Back Rock. Side. Hold. Back Rock.
1-4Step right to right. Hold. Rock back on left. Recover onto right.
5-8Step left to left. Hold. Rock back on right. Recover onto left.

Section 2: Step. Tap. Step. Hook. Lock Step. Scuff.
1-4Step forward on right. Tap left in place. Step left in place. Hook right over left.
5-8Step forward on right. Lock left behind right. Step forward on right. Scuff left.

Section 3: Rock Step. Toe strut Back X 2. Toe. Unwind ½ left.
1-4Rock forward on left. Recover onto right. Touch left toes back. Drop heel to the floor.
5-8Touch right toes back. Drop heel to the floor. Touch left toes back. Unwind ½ left.

Section 4: Modified Jazz Box. X 2 (Kick, Cross, Back, Side)
1-4Kick right forward. Cross right over left. Step back on left. Step right to right side.
5-8Kick left forward. Cross left over right. Step back on right. Step left to left side.

Tag: Heel Grind. Back Rock.
1-2Take weight on your right heel and fan toes from left to right. Recover onto left.
3-4Rock back on right. Recover onto left.

Tag after wall:-
1(Facing 6 O’clock)
4(Facing 12 O’clock)
10(Facing 12 O’clock)

Last Update – 29th July 2017