The Country Kind

Tom Anderson (UK) - September 2016
It Takes All Kinds - George Strait : (Album: Cold Beer Conversations)

(32 count intro)

S.1: Heel, toe, heel, hook, shuffle forward, Heel, toe, heel, hook, shuffle forward. hold
1&2&place right heel forward, touch right toe beside left, place right heel forward, hook left foot across right shin
3&4step right foot forward, slide left next to right changing weight to left, step left forward
5&6&place left heel forward, touch left toe next to right, place left heel forward, hook left foot across right shin
7&8step left foot forward, slide right next to left changing weight to right, step forward on left
Easy option: change counts 1&2& to right heel dig, right heel dig (counts 1-2) and 5&6& to dig left heel, dig left heel (counts 5-6)

S.2: Charleston step, step pivot quarter, cross, step back
1-2sweep right foot around touching right toe forward, sweep right foot back stepping back on right
3-4sweep left foot around touching left toe behind, sweep left foot forward stepping forward on left
5-6step forward on right, on the balls of both feet turn a quarter turn right changing weight to left
7-8cross right foot over left, step back on left