Cadillac Slide

Ryan King (UK) - September 2016
Slide - The Cadillac Three

Intro: 32 counts, start on vocals.

Big Slide R & Cross Side R Sailor, L Point Back Step 1/2
1 2Big slide to the R dragging L.
& 3 4Step onto L, cross R over L, step L to L side.
5 & 6Step R behind L, step L to L side, step R to R side.
7 8Point L toe back, make 1/2 stepping onto L. (6 o’clock)

R Step, L Kick Ball, Walk R L, R Rock Recover, R Shuffle Back
1 2 &Step forward R, kick L forward, step L next to R.
3 4Walk forward R, L.
5 6Rock forward R, recover onto L.
7 & 8Step back R, step L next to R, step back R.

Big Step Back L Dragging R & Walk Forward L, R, L Rock Recover, L Shuffle Half
1 2Big step back L dragging R.
3 & 4Step R next to L, walk forward L, R.
5 6Rock forward L, recover onto R.
7 & 8Step 1/4 L, step R next to L, step ¼ L. (12 o’clock)

Chasse 1/4, Behind Side Cross, R Rocking Chair
1 & 2Step forward R making 1/4 L, step L next to R, step R to R side. (9 o’clock)
3 & 4Step L behind R, step R to R side, step L in front of R.
5 6Rock forward R, recover onto L.
7 8Rock back R, recover onto L.
Restart here on walls 2 & 4.

R Jazz Box Cross
1 2Cross R over L, step back L.
3 4Step R to R side, cross L over R.

Restart: Wall 2 & 4, dance 32 counts (R Rocking Chair) and start again