Möt Mig I Gamla Stan (Meet Me Down Town)

Improver / Novice
Annika Hermansson (SWE) - January 2016
Möt Mig I Gamla Stan (Meet Me Down Town) Magnus Carlsson

Start dance on vocals after 16 counts. Start with weight on Left

**2 Restarts:
Restart 1: on wall 3 after 16 counts.
Restart 2: on wall 8 after 16 counts

Tag: On wall 11 after 22 counts.
R jazzbox on 4 counts,
step right forward, step left forward, Start again

[1-8] Rock recover, Touch unwinde, Heal ball cross, Rock side recover
1-2R Rock forward, recover on to L
3&4Touch R toe behind L, unwinde ½ right turn
5&6L heal forward, step down on L, step R cross over L
7-8Rock L to left side, recover on to R

[1-8] Coaster step, Shuffle forward, Toe unwinde ½, Rock recover
1&2Step L back step, R together, L step forward
3&4Step R forward step L together step R forward
5-6L toe infront with ½ right turn, and step down on L
7-8R back rock, recover on to L

[1-8] Heal ball change, Rock recover, Rock recover, Shuffle ½
1&2R heal forward R step down, Step forward on L
3&4R cross rock recover on to L
5-6Rock R to right side, recover on to L
7&8With ½ left turn, Step R forward, Step L together, Step R back

[1-8] Rock recover, Cross samba, Extended weawe
1-2L back rock recover on to R
3&4cross L over R, rock R to right side, recover onto L
5-6R cross infront L to left side
7-8R behind, L to left side

Start over

Optional Ending: The song with swedish lyrics. After the wall is finished
Make ”Gamla stan” (English lyrics Down town tonight) with sign language:
In one gesture. Move the right hands upper side infront of your forhead, then point your index and middle fingers up beside your face, and bring the hand and arm forward and down.

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