Run With The Scissors

Susan Dodge - June 2016
Run With the Scissors by Antsy McClaine & The Trailer Park Troubadour (Album name: Doublewide and Dangerous)

*** 1st Place Winner at Vegas Dance Explosion 2016 (Beginner Division) ***

Intro: count in 16 after 3 starting notes. No tags. No restarts.

Section 1: R rock forward, L recover, R shuffle back, L rock back, R recover, L shuffle forward
1 2Step R forward, step L back
3&4Step back on R (3), step L next to right (&), step back on R (4)
5 6Step L back, step R forward
7&8Step L forward (7), step R next to L (&), Step L forward (8)

Section 2: R scissor, hold, L scissor, L cross, R side, L cross to right
1 2Rock R to right side (1), step L next to R (2)
3 4Cross R over L, hold (4)
5 6Rock L to left side, step R next to L
7&8Cross L over R (7), step R to right side (&), Cross L over R (8)

Section 3: Monterey ¼ turn R, vine R, kick L
1 2Point R to right side, ¼ turn right stepping R next L (3:00)
3 4Point L to left side, step L next to R
5 6Step R to right side, step L behind,
7 8R to right side, kick L (angled slightly over R)

Section 4: L side R behind, ¼ turn L step R scuff, 1/8, R step, scuff L, 1/8, L step scuff R
1 2Step L to left side, cross R behind
3 4Make ¼ turn left and step on L, scuff R (12:00)
5 6Make 1/8 turn left, R step, scuff L
7 8Make 1/8 turn left. Step forward on L, Scuff R (9:00)

Restart dance

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