Whistles CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Sebastiaan Holtland, (NL). Nov 2016
Little Mix ft. Charlie Puth - Oops (iTunes & other mp3 sites) (approx 3.25 mins). (Cd: Glory Days (DeLuxe concert film edition 2016)

Introduction: 16 counts beat intro after the flute part, start on approx 11 sec. - No Tags

Part l. [1-8] Back & Touch, Hold, Replace, ½ Turn L, Point R, Hold, Sailor Step, ¼ Sailor Turn R.
&1-2Step R back, Touch L slighltly, Hold.
&3-4Step L back in place, Making ½ turn L (6) point R out to R, Hold.
5&6Step R behind L, Step L to L, Step R to R.
7&8Step L behind L, Making ¼ R (9) Step R to R, Step L forward.

PART II. [9-16] Side, Hold, Together, Side Rock / Recover, Heel Grind with ¼ Turn R, Back Rock / Recover.
1-2Step R to R, Hold.
&3-4Step L beside R, Step R to R, Recover back onto L.
5-8Step R heel forward and grind to R, Making ¼ turn R (12) and step back onto L, Step R back, Recover back onto L.
Restart here in WALL 6 after 16 counts, after start again (facing 3 o`clock).

PART III. [17-24] ½ Pivot Turn L, ½ Turn L, Back, ¼ Turn L, Side, Step Point, Step Point.
1-4Step R forward, Pivot ½ Turn L (6) onto L, Making ½ turn L (12) step R back, Making ¼ turn L (9) step L to L.
5-8Step R forward, Point L to L, Step L forward, Point R out to R.

PART lV. [25-32] Walks R, L, Back & Touch, Hold, Replace, ½ Pivot Turn L, Jump Both Feet Apart Fwd, Heel Bounce.
1-2Walk R back, Walk L back.
&3-4Step R back, Touch L slighltly, Hold
&5-6Step L back in place, Step R forward, Pivot ½ Turn L (3) onto L.
&7&8Jump both feet apart slightly forward (&7), Heel bounce on both feet, Taking weight onto L.


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Last Update - 20th Nov 2016