Inna's Heaven

Low Intermediate
Rhoda Lai (CAN) - January 2017
Heaven (Radio Edit) - Inna : (iTunes)

Intro: 16 counts
Note: Restart after 16 counts during Wall 4

S1: R Side touch, L Side touch, R Chasse, L Back-recover-side, R Behind-side-cross
&1&2Step R to R side, touch L beside R popping L knee, Step L to L side, touch R beside L popping R knee
3&4Step R to R side, step L beside R, step R to R side
5&6Rock back L, recover onto R, step L to L side
7&8Step R behind L, step L to the side, cross R over L

S2: ¼ L Forward, ¼ L Point, ¼ R, ¼ R L Side Rock, L Cross, R Side, ½ L Sailor
12¼ L stepping L forward, ¼ L pointing R to R side (6:00)
3&4¼ R stepping R forward, ¼ R rock L to L side, recover onto R (12:00)
56Cross L over R, step R to R side
7&8¼ L step L behind R, ¼ L step R in place, step forward L (6:00)
*** Restart here during Wall 4 (3:00)

S3: Bump RLR, ¼ L Bump LRL, ¼ L Bump RLR, L Touch-ball-cross
1&2Step forward R bumping hips R, L, R
3&4¼ L bump hips L, R, L (3:00)
5&6¼ L Step R to the side while R bumping hips R, L, R (12:00)
7&8Touch L beside R, step on the ball of L, cross R over L

S4: L Side, R Back Rock, ¼ R, ½ R, ½ R Shuffle RLR, L Kick, L Back, Touch R
12&Step L to L side, rock back R, recover onto L
34¼ R stepping R forward, ½ R stepping L back (9:00)
5&6¼ R stepping R forward, step L beside R, ¼ R stepping R forward (3:00)
7&8Kick L forward, step back L, touch R beside L popping R knee

Restart: During 4th wall, dance up to 16 counts and restart the dance


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Last Update - 8th Jan 2017