A Little Rowdy

High Beginner
Bobbey Willson (USA) - January 2017
Rowdy - Gretchen Wilson

Intro: 16 beats, Begin on beat 17

S1: {1-8} R-Stomp-Kick, Coaster, Heel, Hold & Heel, Hold
1 2 3&4Stomp R, Kick R, Step R back, Step L beside R, Step R forward
5 6Touch L heel forward, Hold
&7 8Step L beside R, Touch R heel forward, Hold

S2: {9-16} Step, Step, Behind, Side, Cross, Touch&Touch, Flick
1 2Step R beside L, Step L to left
3&4Step R behind L, Step L to left, Cross R over L
5 6 7 8Touch L to left, Raise L knee up, Touch L to left, Flick L back

S3: {17-24} Step, Step, Behind, Side, Cross, Touch&Touch, Flick
1 2Step L beside R, Step R to right
3&4Step L behind R, Step R to right, Cross L over R
5 6 7 8Touch R to right, Raise R knee up, Touch R to right, Flick R back

S4: {25-32} Step-back, Hold, Back, Back, Rock-back Rec, Shuffle fwd LRL
1 2Step R back, Hold
3 4Step L back, Step R back
5 6Rock* L back, Recover on R
7&8Step L forward, Step R beside L, Step L forward

S5: {33-40} Monterey 1/4 right, R Step-Together, Step-Together (Swing hips)
1 2Touch R to right, Pivot 1/4 right and step R beside L (3:00)
3 4Touch L to left, Step L beside R
5 6Step R to right, Step L beside R (swing hips)
7 8Step R to right, Step L beside R (swing hips)

S6: {41-48} Step, Touch&Clap, Step, Touch&Slap, Exaggerated Toe Struts in place
1 2Face 1/8 right: Step R down, Touch L beside R and clap hands
3 4Face 1/4 left: Step L down, Touch R beside L and slap thighs
5 6Face forward: Point R toe down, Step R down
7 8Point L toe down, Step L down (raise arms 5-8)

Repeat, Enjoy!

*On this Rock-back S4:5 I like the motion to be like falling back- has more impact :-)

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Cheers! :-)

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