Tango All Night

Margaret Fox (UK) - February 2017
Tango - Michael Nantel

No Tags, Restarts Or Turns More Than 1/8

#64 count introduction

Sec 1: Rumba box forward turning to the left diagonal
1-4Left side, together, left diag forward hold, (11.30)
5-8on the diagonal: right side, together, back, hold (11.30)

Sec 2 : Straightening left: Rumba box back turning to left diagonal
1-4.Left Side 1/8 left, right together, left back, hold (9.00)
5-8.Right side, together, cross right over left 1/8l, hold (7.30)

Sec 3 : on left diagonal: left mambo forward, hold, right mambo back, hold
1-4rock forward on left, recover on right, step left back, hold (7.30)
4-8rock back on right, recover on left, step forward on right, (7.30)

Sec 4 : Straightening left: Cross, side 1/8 left, behind, sweep right back, behind, side cross turning 1/8 left, hold
1-4cross left over right turning 1/8 left, step right side, cross left behind right, sweep right back (6.00)
5-8cross right behind left, step left side, cross right over left turning 1/8 left, hold (4.30)

Sec 5 : on left diagonal: step, hold, step, hold, step, side, together, hold
1-4left forward, hold, right forward, hold (4.30)
5-8left forward, right side, left together, hold (4.30)

Sec 6: still on diagonal: back, hold, back, hold, back, side, together turning 1/8 left, hold
1-4right back, hold, left back, hold, (4.30)
5-8right back, left side, right together 1/8 left, hold (3.00)

Sec 7 : moving forward (side rock, recover, cross, hold) left and right
1-4.Rock left left, recover on right, cross left over right, hold
5-8.Rock right right, recover on left, cross right over left, hold

Sec 8: Step back, sweep back, step back, sweep back, rock back, recover, touch, hold
1-4.Step left back, sweep right back, right behind left, sweep left back,
5-8.Rock back on left, recover on right, touch left next to right, hold

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Last Update - Feb 2017