Every Weekend CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Brenda Shatto (USA) & Barbara Tobin (USA), February 2017
"All On You" by Nick Fradiani, 3:06, 84 BPM, - iTunes, Google, Amazon

Note: Restart on wall 3
Intro: 16 counts. Start on the word “Once.” Weight right.

(1-9) L, R Dorothy, ½ right turn sweep R, behind, L side, R cross, L side, R together, big step left
1,2&Step L to left diagonal (1), lock R behind L (2), step L forward (&)
3,4&Step R to right diagonal (3), lock L behind R (4), step R forward (&)
5Turn 1/2 right and step L back sweeping R back (5) [6:00]
6&7Cross R behind L (6), step L to left (&), cross R over L (7)
8&1Step L to left (8), step R next to L (&), big step L to left & drag R next to L (1)

(10-16) Hinge ¼ left, hinge 5/8 left, lock step, R forward, L forward with 7/8 right turn, R sailor
21/4 left turn hinge on L step R to right (2) [3:00]
3&45/8 left turn hinge on R step L forward (3), lock R behind L (&), step L forward (4) [7:30]
5,6Step R forward (5), step L forward turning 7/8 right on L sweeping R back (6) [6:00]
7&8Cross R behind L (7), step L to left (&), step R forward (8) *
*RESTART: Wall 3 starts at 6:00, restart after count 16 facing 12:00

(17-24) L Forward, R forward rock, recover, R side rock, recover, R cross behind, L side rock, recover, L cross behind, step out-out, jump together, heel pop
1,2&Step L forward (1), rock R forward (2), recover L (&)
3&4&Rock R to right (3), recover L (&), cross R behind L (4), rock L to left (&)
5&6Recover R (5), cross L behind R (&), step R out to right (6)
&7&8Step L out to left (&), jump/slide feet together* (7), lift heels (&), drop heels (8) weight L [6:00]
*Option: slide R next to left

(25-32) R side, L tap, 1/4 left turn L tap-tap, R forward mambo, R together, walk LRL ½ turn left, R hitch, R back mambo
&1Small step R to right (&), tap L next to R (1)
&21/4 left turn tap L slightly forward (&), step L further forward (2) [3:00]
3&4Rock R forward (3), recover L (&), step R next to L (4)
5&6Small step L forward toward 1:30 (5), step R forward toward 10:30 (&), step L forward toward 9:00 (6) Counts 5&6 make a small, gradual ½ turn left [9:00]
&7&8Small hitch R (&), rock R back (7), recover to L (&), step R forward (8)

Begin again.....enjoy!

Please do not alter this step sheet in any way. If you would like to use it on your website, it must be used in its original format. Contact the choreographers with your questions. 2/10/2017
brendas@winecountrylinedance.com ~ www.winecountrylinedance.com - barbara.tobin@yahoo.com