New Beginner Fun
Mona A. Schützer, Svanhild Ottosen and Tove Finsrud. Feb 2017
Clint Black – Nottin' But The Taillights

#32 Count Intro

(1-8) R Step, lock, step, touch. L step, lock, step, touch.
1, 2, 3,4Step R foot fwd, lock L foot behind, step R foot fwd, touch L
5, 6,7, 8Step L foot fwd, lock R foot behind, step L foot fwd, touch R

(9-16) Vine to the R, L Heel, Vine to the L, R heel
1, 2Step R to R side, Cross L behind R.
3, 4Step R to R side, Touch L heel to L side.
5, 6Step L to L side, Cross R behind L.
7, 8Step L to L side, Touch R heel to R side.

(17-24) Two Hip Bumps to R, Two Hip Bumps to L. Hip Bumps R, L, R, L
1&2Two Hip Bumps to R, Weight on R foot
3&4Two hip bumps to L, Weight on L foot
5, 6Hip bumps R, L
7, 8Hip bumps R, L, end weight on L foot.
(Restart in wall 5, facing 12 o’clock)

(25-32) 1/4 turn L x 2, Out, Out, In, In
1, 2Step R forward, turn L 1/4
3, 4Step R forward, turn L 1/4 (6 o’clock)
5, 6R foot out fwd, L foot out fwd.
7, 8R foot back, L foot step together
(On 5-6 you brush both hands bwd and fwd on thighs, on 7, clap hand together, on 8, hands out each side and clap hand with the persons next to you.
Start Again. Dance and have fun 

Restart: After count 24 on wall 5 facing 12:00, start again.

Contact info:
Mona Akersveen Schützer mona@svensken.com
Svanhild Ottosen svanhot@online.no
Tove Finsrud finsrud7@me.com