Tango With Me (P)

Linda Byrum (USA) & Paul Brown (USA) - February 2017
Tango - Michael Nantel

#64 count lead - Western closed position, man facing LOD ; mirrored footwork, except where noted

S1; Mambo forward and back
{Man's footwork, lady's footwork mirrors man's}
1-4Rock forward left foot, recover on right foot, step left next to right, hold
5-8Rock back on right foot, recover on left, step right next to left, hold

S2; Step together, step, hold
{Man's footwork, lady's footwork mirrors man's}
1-4Step left foot to left, step right foot beside left, step left foot left, hold
Lady's underarm turn to her left
5-8.Man step right, left, right, to right with 1/4 turn to right (raising left hand over lady's head) facing OLD, coming back to western closed position, hold
5-8Lady left, right, left, hold; turning 3/4 underarm turn to left, facing ILD

S3; Step together step with weave
1-4(Man)Step left, right together, step left, hold. (Lady mirrors)
5-8(Man) Step right across left in front, step left to left, cross right behind left, hold. (Lady mirrors)

S4; Tango steps; promenade
1-4.(Man) Step down LOD, step left, step right, step left, hold ; left arm extended down LOD ( Lady mirrors)
Man's underarm turn
5-8.Step right, left, right, hold; turning 1/2 turn to left, facing RLD; to closed position
5-8.Lady step right left, right, hold; facing LOD; to closed position

S5; Rumba box
1-4.(Man) Step left to left, right together, left forward, hold (lady mirrors)
5-8.(Man) Step right to right, left together, right back, hold (lady mirrors)

S6; Lady's turn and sweep
1-4.(Man) Step left forward, step right together, step left forward, sweep right around left to cross in front, 1/4 turn to left (facing OLD)
1-4.(Lady) Step right, left , right (turning 3/4 turn to right),sweep left around right to cross in front of right ( facing ILD)
Cross and cross
5-8.(Man) Step right in front of left, step left to left, step right in front of left, hold (lady mirrors)

S7; Rumba box (facing OLD)
1-4.(Man) Step left to left, step right beside left, step left forward, hold (lady mirrors)
5-8.( Man) Step right to right side, step left beside, step right back, hold (lady mirrors)

S8; Lady's turn
1-4.(Man) Raise left hand over lady's head, step left (turning 1/4 to left), right left, hold, facing LOD
5-8.( Man) Raise left hand over lady's head, step right, left, right, hold
1-4.(Lady) Step right, left, right, hold; turning 1/4 turn to right, facing LOD
5-8.(Lady) Step left, right (turning1/2 turn to left), step left, hold; facing RLD

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Choreographed by Linda Byrum & Paul Brown 2/09/2017
pebrown50@hotmail.com - 765-744-8695

Last Update - 28th Feb 2017