Not Your #1

Gemma Ridyard (UK) - February 2017
Ciao AdiĆ³s - Anne-Marie : (iTunes)

Intro: 32 counts from the heavy beat
Restart after 16 counts on wall 3

Section 1: Side back rock, side back rock, volta full turn
1&2Step RF to right side (1) rock LF behind RF (&) Replace weight to RF (2)
3&4Step LF to right side (1) rock RF behind LF (&) Replace weight to LF (2)
5&6&7&8Making a full turn over your right shoulder, stepping R,L,R,L,R,L,R (RF finishes slightly across LF)

Section 2: Ball cross shuffle, ½ left cross shuffle, mambo R, mambo L
&1&2step LF slightly to the side, step RF over L, step LF slightly to the side, step RF over L
3&4Make a ½ turn left cross the LF over R, step RF to R side, cross LF over R
5&6rock RF to R side, replace weight to L, step RF next to LF
7&8rock LF to L side, replace weight to R, step LF next to RF
(Restart Here After Wall 3 Facing 12 O’clock)

Section 3: Syncopated ¼ diamond turn, Kick and touch Lf forward, bend both knees and straighten
1&2cross RF over LF, turn 1/8 turn R step back on LF, step back on RF
3&4step LF behind R, turn 1/8 turn R step RF forward, step LF forward
5&6Kick RF forward, step RF next to LF, touch L toe forward
7-8Bend both knees (sit down), straighten both knee’s (stand up)

Section 4: R forward mambo, walk L & R (shimmy), L coaster step, out out in in
1&2Rock RF forward, Replace weight to LF, step RF back
3-4step LF back, step RF back (optional styling shimmy shoulders)
5&6step back on LF, step RF next to LF, step forward on LF
&7&8step out on R heel, step out on L heel, step R foot in, step LF next to RF
(weight finishes on LF)

Last Update - 27th Feb 2017