Cowboy Contra Yodel (LDF)

Absolute Beginner - Line / Contra
Carrie Ann Green (ES) - Feburary 2017
Cowboy Yodel by Cliona Hagan – iTunes

Written for LDF event - Benidorm, Spain – March 18th 2017

Section 1: Facing partner slightly to the right of them, Heel Dig x2, Pigeon Toes x 2
1-2Heel dig right forward, return next to Left
3-4Heel dig left forward, return next to right
5-6Swing both heels out, bring heels in place
7-8Swing both heels out, bring heels in place

Section 2: Grapevine Right, Scuff, Grapevine Left Scuff
1-2Step right to right side, cross left behind right
3-4Step right to right side, Scuff left forward
5-6Step left to left side, cross right behind left
7-8Step left to left side, Scuff right forward

Section 3: Walk forward x 2, Mambo Forward, Walk back x 2, Mambo Back
1-2Walk forward Right, Walk forward Left
3&4Rock right forward, recover left, step right slightly back
(At this point you will be next to your partner, with everyone in a sort of line !)
5-6Walk Back Left, Walk back Right
7&8Rock left back, recover right, step left slightly forward

Section 4: Shuffle Forward Right, Shuffle Forward Left, Step Pivot ½ Turn, Stomp x 2
1&2Step right forward. Close left beside right. Step right forward (Lasoo right arm)
(Passing by your partner)
3&4Step left forward. Close right beside left. Step Left forward (Lasoo right arm)
5-6Step forward on Right, pivot half turn over left.
7-8Stomp Right, Stomp Left

On the first sequence you will pass your partner on the right, second sequence it will be on the left, then repeat again – Right then left all the way through.

All for fun and Enjoy ! Don’t forget to Yodel !!!