In Or Out

Dwight Meessen (NL) & José Miguel Belloque Vane (NL) - March 2017
In or Out - Elina Born : (Album: In Or Out)

⅛ R Walk Fwd, Walk Fwd, ¼ L Heel Toe Swivel, ¼ L Heel Swivel, Fwd, ½ L Back, ½ L Shuffle Fwd
1-2RF ⅛ right step forward, LF step forward
3&4RF ¼ left step beside and swivel heels right, R+L swivel toes right, R+L ¼ left swivel heels right
5-6LF small step forward, RF ½ left step back
7&8LF ½ left step forward, RF step beside, LF step forward [7.30]

Cross, Sweep/Point Across, Sweep ⅛ L Coaster, Pivot ½ L, Cross Samba
1-2RF cross over, LF sweep and point across
3&4LF ⅛ left sweep and step back, RF together, LF step forward
5-6RF step forward, R+L ½ turn left
7&8RF cross over, LF rock side, RF recover [12]

Cross, Side, Sailor Into Heel Ball Cross, ¼ R Back, Shuffle ½ R
1-2LF cross over, RF step side
3&LF cross behind, RF step beside
4&5LF dig heel left forward, LF step beside on ball foot, RF cross over
6LF ¼ right step back
7&8RF ¼ right step side, LF step beside, RF ¼ right step forward [9]

Rock Fwd, Recover, Shuffle ½ L, Pivot ½ L, Kick Ball Change
1-2LF rock forward, RF recover
3&4LF ¼ left step side, RF step beside, LF ¼ left step forward
5-6RF step forward, R+L ½ turn left
7&8RF kick forward, RF step beside on ball foot, LF step beside [9]

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TAG: After the 3rd wall [6]:
Rocking Chair
1-4RF rock forward, LF recover, RF rock back, LF recover

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