Michelle CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Fred Chabbat & Aurélie Gaag – March 2017
Michelle by The Beatles

Intro 16 Count

Si – Cross Rock Step R – Shuffle To R – Weave To R
1-2Cross Step R Onto L – Recover On L
3&4Shuffle To R, R/L/R
5-6Cross L Onto R – Step R To R Side
7-8Cross L Behind To R – Step R To R Side

Sii – Cross Rock Step L – Shuffle To L – Weave To L
1-2Cross Step L Onto R – Recover On R
3&4Shuffle To L, L/R/L
5-6Cross R Onto L – Step L To L Side
7-8Cross R Behind To L – Step L To L Side

Siii – Jazzbox ¼ Turn R – Shuffle To R – Back Rock Step
1-2Cross R Onto L – Back Step L
3-4¼ Turn To R, Step R To R – Cross Step L Onto R
5&6Shuffle To R, R/L/R
7-8Back Step L – Recover On R

Siv – Rockin Chair L – Step ½ Turn R – Shuffle Fwd
1-2L Step Fwd – Recover On R
3-4L Step Back – Recover On R
5-6L Step Fwd – ½ Turn To R With Step R Fwd
7&8Shuffle Fwd, L/R/L

End Of The Dance!!!!....Thanks

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