The Ghost Of You

Roy Verdonk (NL) & Sebastiaan Holtland (NL) - March 2017
The Ghost of You - Caro Emerald : (Album: Emerald Island - EP - iTunes & other mp3 sites)

Introduction: 16 count beat intro after the vocals, Start approx (25 Sec). No Tags Or Restarts.

Part l. [1-8] Modified Diamond With 1/4 Turn L And Sweep.
1-2Rf slow walk forward on left diagonal over 2 counts (10.30).
3-4Lf walk forward on right diagonal (1.30), Rf step side right (squaring up to 12.00).
5-6Make 1/8 turn left stepping Lf back (10.30), sweep Rf from front to back.
7-8Rf cross behind Lf, make 1/8 turn left stepping Lf forward. (9.00)

PART II. [9-16] Rocking Forward/Recover, Back With Hook, Forward, Sweep With 1/2 Turn L, Hold, Touch, Point.
1-2Rf rock forward, Recover onto Lf.
3-4Rf step back, Lf hook in front of Rf.
5-6-7Lf step forward, Make 1/2 turn left sweeping Rf from back to side (fan turn), Hold. (3.00)
8&Rf touch next to Lf, Rf point right (&).

PART III. [17-24] Cross/Flick (2X), Rock Forward/Recover, Drag Back.
1-2Rf forward and across Lf, Lf flick heel out.
3-4Lf forward and across Rf, Rf flick heel out.
5-6Rf rock forward, Recover onto Lf.
7-8Rf big step back, Lf drag towards Rf (weight remains on Rf).

PART lV. [25-32] Back, 1/4 Turn R, Side, Cross, Sweep Cross, Side, Behind, Sweep.
1-2Lf step back, Make 1/4 turn right stepping Rf right (6.00).
3-4Lf cross in front of Rf, Rf sweep from back to front.
5-6Rf cross in front of Lf, Lf step left.
7-8Rf cross behind Lf, Lf sweep from front to side.

PART V. [33-40] Flick Step Back/Hold (2X), Stationary Rock Steps (L, R, L) Hold.
1-2Lf flick backward and stepping back, Hold.
3-4Rf flick backward and stepping back, Hold.
5-6-7Lf rock forward, Rf rock back, Lf rock forward.

PART Vl. [41-48] Walks Forward (R, L), Kick/Ball/Touch, Hold, Heel Swivel, Back, 1/4 Turn R, Side, Cross.
1-2Rf walk forward, Lf walk forward
3&4Rf kick forward, Rf step together (&), Lf touch forward
5&6Hold, Swivel heels left (&), Swivel heels back to center.
7&8Lf step back, Make 1/4 turn right stepping Rf right (&), Lf cross in front of Rf. (9.00)

PART Vll. [49-56] Tango Sways (R, L), Side, Together, Side, Hold.
1-4Sway Rf to R, Hold, Sway Lf to L, Hold.
5-8Rf step right, Lf step together, Rf step right, Hold.

Part Vlll. [57-64] Modified Rock Step With 1/4 Turn Sweep, Modified Sailor Step, Hold.
1-4Lf slow rock step forward over 2 counts, Recover onto Rf, Make 1/4 turn left (6) sweeping Lf from front to back.
5-8Lf cross behind Rf, Rf step right, Lf step left, Hold.


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