Dance With The Devil CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Raymond Sarlemijn – March 2017
Duke Dumont - Ocean Drive

Right, left, shuffle ¼ right, step forward, ¾ turn right, slide left, hold
1RF right
2LF left
3RF right
&LF left
4¼ turn right, RF step forward
5LF step forward
6¾ turn right, weight on RF
7LF slide left

And cross, and cross,step left, ½ turn left, ½ turn left with ronde, sailor step, hold
&RF close LF
1LF cross over RF
2RF step right
&LF close RF
3RF cross LF
4LF left
&½ turn left, RF right
5½ turn left, RF step back, LF ronde
6LF close RF
&RF step on place
7LF step left

Swivel left, swivel right, flick RF leg back 1/4 right, step lock step, step lock step
1swivel both heels to left
2swivel both heels right
3flick RF BACK LF
4¼ turn right, RF forward
5LF lock RF
&RF step forward
6LF step diagonal left
7RF lock LF
&LF step forward
8RF step forward

½ turn left, ¼ turn left with hitch, step right, ½ turn left, shuffle left, cross forward, ¼ turn right, sailor step
1½ turn left
2weight on LF ¼ turn left, hitch Rf
3RF step right
4½ turn left, LF left
&RF close LF
5LF step left
6RF cross forward LF
7¼ turn right, LF step back, ronde RF
8RF close LF
&LF step on place

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