Absolute Beginner
Bill Larson (AUS) - March 2017
Bring Down the House - Dean Brody : (CD: Gypsy Road - 3:28)

Turning CCW - Weight on Left, Start 16 counts in (8 seconds) V1 11.3.17

S1. Cross Point, Cross Point, Jazz Box Cross
1,2Cross / Step R over L, Point L to side
3,4Cross / Step L over R, Point R to side
5,6Cross / Step R over L, Step back on L
7,8Step R to side, Cross / Step L over R

S2. Vine Right Touch, Vine L 1/4 Turn L Scuff
1,2,3,4Step R to side, Step L behind R, Step R to side, Touch L beside R
5,6Step L to side, Step R behind L
7,8with 1/4 turn L Step forward on L, Scuff R beside L (9:00)

S3. Walk Forward R, L, R, Kick L, Walk back L, R, L, Touch R beside L
1,2,3,4Walking forward: Stepping R, L, R, Kick L forward
5,6,7,8Walking backward: Stepping L, R, L, Touch R beside L

S4. V Step, Step Side with Hip Sways
1,2Step R forward at 45’ R, Step L forward at 45’ L
3,4Step R back to centre, Step L beside R
5,6,7,8Small step R to side swaying hip right, Sway hips L, R, L