Kiki Swing

Pat Stott (UK) & Sandra Speck (UK) - April 2017
Kiki Swing by In-Grid EP (iTunes)

#32 count intro (commence on vocals)

4 skates, kick, close, point, kick, close, point
1-4.Skate forward - left, right, left, right
5&6.Kick left forward, close left to right, point right to right
7&8Kick right forward, close right to left, point left to left

Jazz box with 1/4 turn left, rock left, recover, close, rock right, recover, close
1-4.Cross left over right. Back on right, turn 1/4 left stepping left to left, cross right over left
5&6.Rock left to left, recover on right. close left to right
7&8.Rock right to right, recover on left, close right to left
(5&6-7&8) Optional shimmy left & right when the music prompts!
*Re-start here on walls 2 & 5

Rock forward, recover, shuffle back, rock back with kick, step down, shuffle forward
1-2.Rock forward on left. recover on right
3&4.Shuffle back - left, right, left
5-6.Rock back on right kicking left forward (whoo!), step down on left
7&8.Shuffle forward- right, left, right

Rock forward, recover, coaster step, step tap, rock back, recover
1-2Rock forward on left. recover on right
3&4Step back on left, close right next to left, step forward on left
5-6Step forward on right, tap left toe behind right foot
7-8Rock back on left, recover on right
7-8(Optional push bottom backwards and forwards)

Restart: after count 16 on wall 2 (6 o’clock) & 5 (9 o’clock)

Tag 1 - end of wall 3 (3 o’clock)
1-4.Forward on left, kick right forward, back on right, touch left back

Ending: Skate forward - left, right, left, hold and blow a kiss!