A Girl Like You

Dawn Rathbun (USA) - April 2017
A Girl Like You by Easton Corbin

#8 count intro

Walk, Walk, Lyndy, Walk, Walk
1 2Step slight angle to right with R, Cross L slight angle over R
3 &4Step side R, together L, Step side R
5 6Cross L behind R, Recover forward R
7 8Step slight angle to left with L, Cross R slight angle over L

Lindy, Toe Struts
1&2Step side L, together R, Step side L
3 4Cross R behind L, Recover forward L
Restart here on wall 9 facing 12:00
5 6Touch R toe to the side, drop the heel (make sure you weight R)
7 8Cross L touching left toe over R, drop heel (make sure you weight L)

Side Rock Cross, Step Back, Step Back Touch 2x
1 2Step side R, Recover Side L
3 4Cross R over L, Step back L
5 6Step back R, Touch L next R Clap
7 8Step back L, Touch R next L Clap

Kick Ball Cross 2x, Walk Around ¾ Right
1&2Kick R forward, Ball R next L, Cross L over R (weight L)
3&4Kick R forward, Ball R next L, Cross L over R (weight L)
5 6Step R ¼ right, Step L 1/8 right
7 8Step R 1/8 right, Step L 1/4 right