Improver / Intermediate
Norman Gifford (USA) - April 2017
Only Make Believe - Bouke

Start after the slow intro plus one pattern of 8 counts.

S1: (Right step side, cross, side, behind, side, cross-rock, replace, turn ¼ left, right step forward, lock behind)
1-3Right step side; left crossover; right step side
4aLeft behind; right step side
5-7Left cross-rock; right replace; left turn ¼ left stepping forward [9:00]
8aRight step forward; left lock behind

S2: (Step forward, full turn right, step forward, forward-lock-step, rock forward, replace, back-lock)
1-3Right step forward; left step forward in full spin turn right; right step forward
4aLeft step forward; right lock behind
5-7Left step forward; right rock forward; left step back
8aRight step back; left cross-lock

S3: (Right step back, sweeps back left-right, sailor-step turning ¼ left, pivot turn ½ left, side-together)
1-3Right step back; left sweep back; right sweep back
4aLeft sweep behind turning ¼ left; right together [6:00]
5-7Left step forward; right step forward; pivot turn ½ left [12:00]
8aRight step side; left together

S4: (Right step side, behind-side-cross, replace, left step side, cross-side-cross, 3/4 spiral turn right)
1-2aRight step side; left behind; right step side
3-4Left cross-rock; right replace
5-6aLeft step side; right crossover; left step side
7-8Right crossover; left step side in 3/4 spiral turn right [9:00]

S5: (Step forward, syncopated lock-step, sweep forward, step back, sweep, syncopated back-lock-step, sweep behind)
1-2aRight step forward; left step forward; right lock behind left
3-4Left step forward; right sweep forward
5-6aLeft recover back; right sweep back; left lock across right
7-8Right step back; left sweep behind right

S6: (Right step-sway right, sway left, sway right, cross-rock, replace, repeat previous 4 counts with other foot)
1-2Right step-sway side; sway left
3-4aRight sway side; left cross-rock; right replace
5-6Left step-sway side; sway right
7-8aLeft sway side; right cross-rock; left replace